Ready to Stop Corrupt Government?

Hear from 200+ “Voices of Reason” in the Nation’s Largest Conference on Liberty, Economic Freedom and Investment Opportunities

Join more than 2,000 attendees for this groundbreaking event with Judge Andrew Napolitano, George Will, Keith Fitz-Gerald, Steve Forbes, Kennedy, Larry Elder and 200+ more.

“…the most intense three-day conference I’ve ever attended.”
—Bob Poole, Jr., Reason Magazine

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Only at FreedomFest 2018 will you hear all about:

  • Stock, gold and cryptocurrency: what’s best?
  • The economy: boom or bust?
  • Bitcoin and what you must know now…
  • Trump: what is next?
  • Raging gun control debates…
  • Deep State influence on Capitol Hill and why we must stop corrupt government
  • Home schooling under fire….
  • Sanctuary states imploding…
  • Your religious freedom at stake….
  • How your freedom, your investments, your future…are under attack.

FreedomFest is the only conference of its kind in the U.S. that brings together top free market conservative and libertarian influencers and insiders in politics, the economy, investment, business, finance, the law and the tech industry to bring you actionable advice, explosive debates and insights you just won’t find anywhere else.

Only at FreedomFest will you learn:

  • Concise, actionable advice on what to do with your money now—and how to protect and grow your assets in the coming economy
  • Stock market predictions from investment pros
  • Why your Constitutional rights are under attack…and what you can do about it
  • Revelations and little-known insights into the state of politics…that you won’t hear in the mainstream media
  • How to stop corrupt government and drain the swamp
  • What you must know about blockchain and cryptocurrency—and how you can profit from the megatrend that’s shifting the global economy
  • The state of freedom in the United States and what needs to turn around before it’s too late
  • And more…


Speakers Include:

Judge Andrew Napolitano: Judge Napolitano joined Fox News Channel (FNC) in January 1998 and is one of the nation’s top Constitutional scholars and defenders of liberty, and a strong advocate to stop corrupt government.

Judge Andrew Napolitano

George Will: George Frederick Will is one of the most respected conservative and libertarian authors today. The Wall Street Journal has called him “perhaps the most powerful journalist in America.”

george will

Larry Elder: Bestselling author and radio talk-show host Larry Elder has a take-no-prisoners style. Elder’s libertarian views have made him one of the most in-demand radio and cable news pundits in the country.

larry elder

John Stossel: Libertarian journalist John Stossel is a zealous advocate of free markets, a syndicated columnist and Fox News contributor.

speakers john stossel

Keith Fitz-Gerald: More than 3 million readers, subscribers and viewers depend on his free market-based investment advice to help them navigate today’s complicated markets with good reason.

keith fitz gerald

Jim Rogers: Jim Rogers is an author, financial commentator, adventurer and successful international investor.

jim rogers

Steve Forbes: Steve Forbes is the editor-in-chief of Forbes Magazine and a co-ambassador of FreedomFest.

steve forbes

John Mackey: The co-CEO of Whole Foods Market, which he co-founded in 1980. Named the Ernst  & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2003, Mackey is a strong supporter of  free market economics.

Grover Norquist: Grover Norquist is president of Americans for Tax Reform (ATR), a taxpayer advocacy group he founded in 1985 at President Reagan’s request. ATR works to limit the size and cost of government and opposes higher taxes at the federal, state and local levels.

grover norquist

Emergency Meeting at FreedomFest

Dr. Mark Skousen, Author and Editor of Forecasts and Strategies

Special Alert by Dr. Mark Skousen!
We are suddenly headed down a dangerous road that could spell disaster for our country and your investments.

The turning point came almost overnight.

Based on my sources in Washington, the Trump administration is determined to engage in a confrontation with China and other trading nations that could undermine the whole global free-market economy, with grave political implications.

It’s not only the prospect of a major trade war that has investors and citizens running scared. It’s Trump’s new Fed chairman, Jerome Powell, who is aggressively raising interest rates. Mortgage rates are now approaching 5%, the highest in years, threatening to cut off a growing real estate market.

At the same time, Trump and the Republican leaders on Capitol Hill are pushing through a gigantic $1.3 trillion federal budget that is bankrupting the nation. In a period that economists regard as full employment, we should be running a surplus. Instead, the deficit is expected to exceed $1 trillion next year, ballooning our national debt to $22 trillion or more.

For these reasons, we have decided to hold an emergency “Global Economic Summit” at FreedomFest, July 11-14, at the Paris Convention Space, Paris Resort. All FreedomFest attendees will be invited to attend this special private meeting.

Normally we record all sessions at FreedomFest, but upon request of many of our speakers, we will turn off the tape recording so they can speak freely. You must be there in person to hear it all.

For All The Details About The Conference…
And How to Register: